Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains, Drain Cleaning, and More in Sunshine Coast

One of the worst things that can happen to your home is that your drains get blocked up. When that occurs, you often have to face more issues than just not being able to run water down that drain. You may have a backup in your sinks, the toilet may overflow, and you could even have sewage come up into your home. That’s why here at Slim-Flow Plumbing and Gas, we make blocked drains in Sunshine Coasta priority. Here are the signs of a blocked drain and what you can do in each part of your home to help prevent drains from getting blocked up.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

If you have a blocked drain in Sunshine Coast, the first thing you’ll notice is that water isn’t draining. You may be able to fix this issue by simply sticking an implement in the drain and moving it around until you find the cause of the clog. These types of blockages are usually simple to clear up. However, if your drain backs up and you can’t find a blockage at the opening, it means something has clogged it up further down. You may notice a horrible smell coming from the water along with blackish debris. This debris may have come from much farther down the pipe.

The Dangers of a Blocked Drain

Why do we act so quickly when we learn about blocked drains in Sunshine Coast? The reason is that blocked drains can quickly lead to other issues. For example, the backed-up water can bring bacteria and waste into your home which, in addition to smelling horrible, can also be dangerous. As well as making your home stink, a blocked drain can also lead to leaks in your pipes. With water leaking through the walls or other parts of your home, you’re at risk for mould growth, damage to your home’s wiring, and property damage.

Avoiding Blocked Drains

While Slim-Flow Plumbing and Gas is always ready to help you deal with a blocked drain in Sunshine Coast, we hope that you never have to deal with this issue. It’s very rare that a home never has a drain that gets backed up, but you can help to greatly reduce the chance of this happening by following a few different rules.

You can avoid blocked drains in your kitchen by making certain that your plates are fairly clean before you rinse them in the sink. Any large pieces of food can get stuck in the drain. The same goes for when you are cooking. You should never put pieces of food, oil, or grease in the sink.

In the bathroom, make certain none of your small items go down the drain. Things like small hair clips and ties can often slip past the drain guard and get into the pipes. Hair is another issue that can quickly block up drains, especially the shower drain.  To avoid this type of blocked drain in Sunshine Coast, you may want to invest in a small removable filter that will catch hair and other debris.

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