Gas fitting

Gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast

Gas fitting is any service related to the use of gas in your home or office. It is important for the comfort of your building as it affects the lights, your heat and ability to cook. Our professional gas fitters are fully licensed to legally and safely fix or set-up any of your gas appliances or systems. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.
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Gas systems

We provide installation for a variety of gas systems. This includes both continuous flow hot water systems and tankless (instantaneous) water heaters. We also have gas assisted solar systems available and provide proper gas storage. Give us a call to learn more.

Upgrade from electric

If you want to upgrade any of your electric appliances to gas, you must have an accredited gas fitter complete or authorise the work. The proper installation of a new gas product or system is important for everyone’s safety. Our gas fitters are qualified to do the job. Just give us a call. 
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Gas compliance,
testing and inspection

Get your gas system tested and approved by a licensed and experienced gas fitter. This is important for legal and safety purposes. Our gas fitters are happy to help do the work or certify that the job was completed correctly. Contact us to set up an appointment.
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